Bloodhound Information

Bloodhounds are large dog breeds that are specifically bred to hunt down wild boar and deer. Today, these dogs are used to track down the scent of humans as well, making them helpful in law enforcement as they serve as police guard and scent hounds. Bloodhounds are prized for their ability to follow a particular scent for days over unimaginable distances. During the Civil War, these dogs were extremely helpful in tracking down runaway slaves, and have shown great promise in tracking down a wide array of people or even animals all throughout history. They have been used to track down people who are missing, prisoners who have escaped, or pets that have run away. They have a large skeletal structure, contributing much to their total weight. They are a gentle dog breed and area mild-mannered when trained the right way.


Bloodhounds are naturally heavy and stocky dogs. They weigh around 33 to 55 kg, but some individuals have been discovered to weight around 160 lb or 72 kg. They stand 23 to 27 inches in height. Larger bloodhounds are the sizes of choice by conformation judges. These dogs need lots of food to eat keep up with the growth of muscles and bones.

Coat Care

Bloodhounds are very easy to groom, thanks to their smooth and shorthaired coat. You’ll need a hound glove to groom their fur, and you are only required to bathe them when necessary. To get a bloodhounds coat gleaming, rub their fur with a chamois or a rough towel. You will also need to pay particular attention to their large floppy ears, which will require regular cleaning. This dog breed has a distinct dog-type odor, and is considered to be an average shedder.

Family Life

Bloodhounds are gentle dogs that live for tracking down scents, making them somewhat hard to obedience train. However, they are extremely affectionate and even-tempered, making them perfect family pets. Just like any large dog breeds, however, you will need watch over the dog when its around small children just for safety. Nevertheless, a bloodhound is an affectionate, loyal companion that’s worth the effort in training.


Bloodhounds are very energetic when you send them outdoors. When just a pup, this dog breed can be very boisterous. They’ll need an owner with a firm training style. Because of their penchant of tracking down scents, you’ll need to have strict training methods to control them. Showing signs of being a meek owner will coerce the bloodhound to not listen to you.


The bloodhound is prone to a variety of gastrointestinal problems, the most common one being bloat. They also have an unusually high incidence of ear, skin and eye ailments. You will need to keep a close eye on a bloodhounds health if you want her to be healthy.


The bloodhounds loves running and lots of exercise. They have a great amount of stamina and it could be a challenge walking them around, especially if they’ve aimed for a scent.


Bloodhounds may be a challenge to train, especially if you aren’t firm with your commands. A bloodhound needs an owner who can show that hes boss, otherwise, the bloodhound will ignore your commands.