A bloodhound is a breed of dog that’s popular for having the strongest smell receptors in the canine world. They are large dogs that where originally bred to hunt for wild boar and deer. Today, bloodhounds are used to track down human beings. Known in the canine kingdom as a dog with a tenacious tracking instinct, even going so far as to follow scents that are three days old over astounding distances, the bloodhound is the ideal scent hound, used by law enforcement and the police all over the world. Blood hounds are humongous dogs, but their size says nothing about their temperament. They are gentle and lovable dogs who make perfect canine companions for people who are okay with lots of slobbering.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) categorizes dogs into 7 groups:

  • herding
  • hound
  • non-sporting
  • sporting
  • terrier
  • toy
  • working

 The bloodhound is considered as a hound dog by the American Kennel Club. Bloodhounds are scent hounds, which means they use their scent rather than sight when it comes to hunting. Scenthound dogs are canines that have the most sensitive noses among canines and specialize in following smells over long distances. A bloodhounds olfactory system is so strong, you have to keep them on a leash all the time when you’re walking them because once they track a scent, it can be very difficult to stop them from tracking it down. It is also the bloodhounds powerful scent of smell that can make them hard to train. Once a bloodhound follows a scent, it exhausts all focus on tracking down the scent, making them prone to distraction.

Bloodhounds have a deep booming voice. They rarely bark but they often howl.

Owners of bloodhound shave come up with a list of traits and attributes of their pet. Among these traits include:

  •          Large
  •          Powerful
  •          Sagging skin
  •          Dignified
  •          Solemn
  •          Kind
  •          Love the outdoors
  •          Very active
  •          Sweet
  •          Affectionate
  •          Powerful nose
  •          Stubborn
  •          Good with older kids
  •          Loyal
  •          Athletic

History of Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds were first bred in Europe, with its lineage tracing back to the 14th century. Among the most functional and useful of all dogbreeds, bloodhounds have been put to work for hundreds and hundreds of years, endlessly tracking down humans and animals. According to English and Scottish records of the 14th century, a particular rebel named William Wallace was tracked down by a pack of Sleuth Hounds, which most people believe to be very similar to the bloodhound. In an effort to make the dogs scent skills more well known, a scientist named Robert Boyle wrote all about the bloodhounds notable tracking abilities during the 17th century. It was only during the 19th century when this dog breed was exported all the way to France. The distinctive name of bloodhound was coined to mean hound of pure blood, as opposed to blood seeking, which is what most people think.

A Sweet Dog with a Powerful Nose

Bloodhounds are large dogs that weigh anywhere between 33 to 50kg and stand up to 23 to 27 inches. They are often colored red, tan, liver, or black, and posses a large, stocky, skeletal structure with most of their body weight concentrated on the bones. Bloodhounds are characterized by their droopy skin and their long ears that give out a charming appearance.

Bloodhounds may be a challenge to train, especially to inexperienced dog owners. Once they catch a scent, it can be very difficult to redirect their attention to you. These dogs must be socialized in an early age. They need master with a calm, natural, but firm authority.