Those who would plan on raising Bloodhound puppies should go about with proper Bloodhound training for them to be able to get their puppies to grow up as fun and remarkable pets. While the Bloodhound may be one of the oldest breeds of dog in the world, they are extremely set on their ways of being shy and timid that you would need to effectively train them to make it easy for you to handle them when they become adults.

Proper Way of Bloodhound Training for Puppies

One of the things that make Bloodhounds quite hard to train as puppies is the fact that they can be stubborn at times. You may find them looking at you blankly and just going about without absorbing anything you might be saying.

This stubbornness can be worked on by imposing yourself as the authority. It might be hard at first, but you will realize that it is possible when you are able to actually work on the matter by gradually yet firmly asserting yourself as their master. Make sure your Bloodhound manages to achieve doing something good during training, and never stop until you have made them go about what you have commanded. Stopping will only work to their being stubborn, and you will have more trouble training them in the near future.

Bloodhound puppies are more playful and active as compared to their often shy and docile adult relatives, but this trait can disappear when they grow if they are not properly socialized. This is why it is essential in Bloodhound training to keep them out and about with other dogs as well as other people. This will also help you with leash training for your puppy. This can work into getting them to realize that leashes are not something bad. While adult Bloodhounds will be quite behaved and shy, socializing will help them develop skills in dealing with all the other things they will encounter.

Potty training should often be done when it comes to puppies, and you must bear in mind that they would need to potty every two hours. Crate training should also be imposed, but you must ensure that you make a bed for your bloodhound that is durable. Because Bloodhound puppies end up chewing and eating about random things, you may find that it will work to your disadvantage if they do such to their crate. Bloodhound training for this should be done with positive reinforcement though, and the use of a firm voice for discipline.

Words will also have an effect on Bloodhound puppies. They respond to nice manner of commands but a firmer command will be something that they will follow. Never scream or raise your voice in anger, as this will only work in a negative way. When you are able to effectively work on training your puppy, you will find that the Bloodhound training you have done will eliminate the bad habits of this dog and will reward you with a fun and happy companion when he turns into an adult.