Dont be fooled by how they look. Bloodhound dogs have been known to be some of the most persistent dog breeds in the world. When they catch a scent that they are enticed into, they will follow the trail with utmost reverence. While some households tend to avoid Bloodhounds as pets, proper training started at a young age will help in domesticating these breeds of dogs.

The Bloodhounds have no specific lineage of origin, as they seem to be on a class of their own. One thing that is known about them is that the breeds were perfected by the monks from Belgium and were them shipped all over Europe. During the olden times, Bloodhound dogs were bred to be hunting companions for the kings and other nobles. They would fish out rabbits and foxes with great intensity and then their masters would then just follow the dogs lead. They were trained for such purpose for the remainder of their lives, and it clearly was not just the nose that made them enticing prospects as hunting dogs. Aside from their droopy ears and cheeks, the Bloodhound was relatively large in build. They werent exactly as muscular as bulldogs or even as lean as German Shepherds. They had the build that was proportional to an active sporting dog.

If you intend on training Bloodhound dogs, it should be noted that you start at a very young age. The biggest obstacle that you will have with Bloodhounds is that they have the tendency of being stubborn. When they smell something they want, they will ignore every command and just go about with searching for such. They wont be aggressive though; its not in their blood to hurt other animals and other people. But this can be a bit of disadvantage in the long run, especially if your children like hitting the dogs playfully. For the sake of the Bloodhound, its best that you remind your children to never be too rough with them. As part of the household, they need to be treated the right way; as though they are a part of the family.

Bloodhound dogs are also very active breeds. Although it is important that you leash them constantly, you can at least give them the advantage of having the yard for their own for at least a couple of hours during the course of the day. This will help greatly in the physical fitness of the Bloodhounds.